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JH Social Studies Classes

Jr. High Social Studies Core and Elective Curriculum

American/Arizona History and American/Arizona History (H)
Students learn to analyze the human experience through time, to recognize the relationships of events and people and to identify patterns, themes, ideas, beliefs and turning points in American/Arizona history.
Grade:  7          Length:  Year          Prerequisite:  None

American/Arizona Government and American/Arizona Government (H)
Students will develop an understanding of the ideas, rights and responsibilities of citizenship The content, meaning and historical importance of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Mayflower Compact will be examined.
Grade:  8          Length:  Year          Prerequisite:  None

Global Studies/World Cultures
World Cultures introduces students to other countries through the study of their geography, history, art, music, cinema, food, money, current events, etc. Students will engage in both independent and group activities that emphasize how daily life in these countries compares and contrasts to their lives in the USA.
Grade: 7-8 (Elective)          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite: None