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JH Science Classes

Jr. High Science Core and Elective Curriculum

Life Science and Life Science (H)
This course introduces students to basic life science. Topics of study include cells, heredity, classification system, plants, animals, ecosystems and environment, and the human body.
Grade:  7          Length:  Year          Prerequisite:  None

Earth Science and Earth Science (H)
This course is designed to seek an understanding of the Earth and its neighbors in space.  It includes the study of geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy.
Grade:  8          Length:  Year          Prerequisite:  None

Forensic Science
Forensic Science introduces students to the various aspects of the popular and fascinating field of Crime Scene Investigation. Throughout the semester, students will study the history of criminology as well as current developments in the field. Through various interactive, hands-on activities, they will explore fingerprinting, blood spatter, DNA, evidence collection, and other facets of the criminal investigation process.
Grade: 7-8 (Elective)          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite: None