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Science Classes

High School Science Core and Elective Curriculum

Biology focuses on the study of life by examining cellular biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution. The scientific method and laboratory skills will be emphasized along with their connections to other scientific disciplines. Students will learn scientific writing skills and review current biological issues.
Grade: 9          Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: None

Anatomy and Physiology
This course provides the student with the structure and function of the human body and mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis within it. Topics include the study of cells & tissues, along with the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. Emphasis is placed on the integration of systems as they relate to normal health.
Grade: 10          Length: 2 semester          Prerequisite: None

Chemistry (H)
This course provides a solid foundation of knowledge in chemistry. The study of elements, compounds, chemical reactions, and the use of technology and laboratory investigations utilizing real-world applications are developed. Topics include acids & bases, chemical names, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, oxidation-reduction reactions, reaction rates & equilibrium, and water & aqueous systems.
Grade: 11      Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisites: None

Physics (H)
This course provides a strong foundation in study of matter, energy and the rules that govern the natural world. Students will learn and apply concepts in this course to real-world situations and the other sciences through laboratory investigations and other activities. Topics include measurement, motion, forces, gravity, momentum, work, energy, states of matter, sound, light, the electromagnetic spectrum, electricity and magnetism.
Grade: 11           Length: 2 Semesters          Prerequisite: Chemistry (H)

AP Biology (AP)
This course will examine the fundamental principles of living organisms including physical and chemical properties of life, cellular organization and function, the transfer of energy through metabolic systems, cellular reproduction, the classification of living things, and the six kingdoms of life.  A college-level text will be used and this course will be geared towards preparing students for the Advanced Placement exam at the end of the year.
Grade: 12          Length: 2 semesters
Prerequisite: Anatomy & Physiology OR Physics (H)

AP Physics B (AP)
This course will take a more in-depth look at the topics covered in the introductory physics course, with a heavy emphasis on the mathematical laws that govern the various theories. Students will utilize concepts they learned in both chemistry and physics in order to gain a deeper comprehension of the laws that govern the physical world. A college-level text will be used and this course will be geared towards preparing students for the Advanced Placement exam at the end of the year.
Grade: 12          Length: 2 Semesters
Prerequisites: Physics (H), Algebra II/Geometry (H)

Forensic Science
This course is designed to introduce students to an overview of the field of forensic science. Students will have opportunity to employ scientific methods for the examination of physical evidence as it applies to the criminal justice system. The information in this course is used in occupations such as criminal justice, law enforcement, insurance investigation, forensic science and law. This course is an elective and will not count towards core science credits.
Grade: 9-12 (Elective)          Length: 1 Semester          Prerequisite: None